Most old metalheads like me would recognize the name of Sam Dunn and his marvellous documentaries Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey (2005) and Global Metal (2007). I was even lucky to meet this guy back in 2007 during his visit to Egypt and we had a little chat about metal music worldwide. Actually, this topic is my main concern since the late 90s when  I started to get involved in the rock/metal world, there was a question keeps rolling in my head “Where is our middle eastern rock/metal scene?!” in fact, this was the main reason to start Rock Era back in 2004. Since then, and my main passion goes for Egyptian and Middle Eastern bands first. The reason of such introduction because I believe that Coats of Arms are one of the few in the Middle East who were truly we can call a Djent/progressive metal act. ‘Shapes’ is like their previous stunning releases which hardly you can find a negative point. Usually, when I get a new submission, I listen to it over and over and each time I focus on specific elements, so vocals are powerful and warm, guitars are insane and melodic, and all of these elements besides the tight bass and drums delivering a unique picture. What I really loved is the mix and arrangement of the track, because it’s made perfectly indeed. I believe it was a bit challenging for them, still, they successes to be called one of the top progressive metal acts in the Middle East. IN fact, it’s one of my favourite progressive tunes in 2021 so far. Well done, guys! Keep it METAL! 

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Mena Ezzat