It’s very refreshing for me whenever I listen to alt rock, especially the kind that gives me nostalgic goosebumps, this is exactly what happened when I listened to Golden Richards’ “Shake Your Hair”.

Golden Richards is a power pop rock band from Chicago, an already very well established music scene, but they cut through the mix and made a name for themselves…let’s get to know the people!

  • Billy Richards on Lead Vocals, Guitar
  • Gil Golden on Guitar
  • Marianne Magic on Vocals, Keyboards
  • Sonny Dee on Bass
  • Henry Western on Drums

When you listen to Golden Richards you’ll be happily surprised to find influences from “Cheap Trick” to “The Beatles” to “The Cars”…not just sonically or energy-wise, but also quality wise, Golden Richards’ output quality is superb.

They recorded “Shake Your Hair” in Billy Richard’s basement studio…talk about a garage recording done right!

Golden Richards are definitely a burst of energy that will change your mood and maybe even your day…so let’s dive deep into the song and maybe we’ll start shaking our hair too!

…the song starts out with a guitar riff that is there to hook you and bring you in…it succeeds.

Once you’re hooked the band goes full power…drums, guitars, everything is big!

Then we go into the verse, catchy vocal lines and melodies keep you hooked all the way.

…the chorus is “Beatles” level of catchiness…that’s not a word, but it had to be said.

Crunchy guitar and powerful drum beats drive the song, with the starting riff playing in the verses…making a link between all the parts of the song…then they start to introduce a bridge that is heavy, powerful and changes the mood to even more hair shakiness levels…again, not sure if that’s a word, but that is exactly how I felt.

…there is also a bridge that is extremely melodic and reminiscent of 60s rock mood…quick chord changes and mood changes…did I mention the awesome vocal harmonies? yeah…

Then the solo…*clapping*…THAT is a solo!

…it checks every box under the “awesome solo” checklist.

I really enjoyed “Shake Your Hair” from the Golden Richards, it is such a breath of fresh air with scents of nostalgia.

We wish you all the best in the world, you deserve the best and you are awesome.


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