Lucifers Beard is the brain child of Chris Barnes, a British artist who follows no rules or genres as you can hear clearly in his latest single “Shake the Floor”. It was mastered by Ed Ripley (NOFX/Frank Turner/Spice Girls) and it’s the first product of Chris’ own recording studio and man, if this is what you’re gonna deliver from there then please, don’t you ever leave that studio!

“Shake the Floor” is an ever-changing, organic and energetic rocking tune that’ll grab your attention from the very first play. First of all, cheers to Mr. Chris Barnes of Lucifers Beard on his music writing and arrangement skills, he managed to keep me focused all through the 3:30 minutes with all the lines he kept on adding and the song’s impressive catchy progression. The guitar work is very detailed from that heavy intro to the guitar melodies at the background of the aggressive verse and that headbanger chorus and the drum lines which were out of this world. Regarding the structure, first you’ll think that’s just an old school structure until you realize the changes between 1st and 2nd verses and choruses and when you start to get that, BOOM! You get hit with that mood changing experimental part around minute 2:00 that carried the aggression and heaviness and SHOOK THE FLOOR till the song’s outro.

I’m really glad that “Shake the Floor” introduced me to Lucifers Beard because, I haven’t heard something that bold in a really long time. Chris is not afraid to experiment and do whatever he thinks sounds good and man, thanks god for that!

Go check out “Shake the Floor” and I promise you will keep on playing it over and over again. Looking forward for more from Lucifers Beard. Cheers!

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