Shadow Smile, the visionary metal band often referred to as the ‘Steel City Vampire Crew‘, are set to release their highly anticipated debut album ‘Signed In Blood’ on the 18th August 2023. This concept piece dives into the theology of the Seven Deadly Sins (pride, greed, wrath, lust, envy, gluttony & sloth) and their profound impact on modern day society.

‘Signed In Blood’ is a testament to Shadow Smile‘s commitment to their uncompromised artistic vision. The album was entirely crowd-funded by the bands dedicated fan-base, enabling the band to create an authentic musical experience without the creative interference of records labels or management. By embracing free thought, the Sheffield (UK) based band aims to empower their audience to question their prevailing ideologies and resist the influence of mainstream media.

‘Signed In Blood’ was produced by Daniel Jeffery and mixed by James Pinder at Treehouse Studios (UK) and this independent release shall be available from the 18th August on Digital platforms and CD format.
Pre-orders are now available direct from here
Album Track Listing:

01 – Se7en
02 – Signed In Blood
03 – Hellbound Heart
04 – Our Mortality
05 – Vainglory et Avarice
06 – Before Every Fall
07 – Take What You Can (Give Nothing Back)
08 – The Devil Makes Work For Idle Hands
09 – Soul Journey
10 – The World Is In My Way
11 – Suck The World Dry
Shadow Smile are Connor McGovern (Vocals), Adam Smith (Guitar), Ethan Goebel-Todd and Joe Fletcher (Drums)
Press via Pete Baldwin