‘Hellbound Heart’ is the hard hitting new single from Sheffield (UK) metal outfit Shadow Smile. Exploring the subject of ‘Lust’ – this potently hook-fuelled track is the second instalment from band’s eagerly anticipated ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ themed debut album ‘Signed In Blood’. 

Want to know more about the ‘Legend Of The Shadow Smile Cult’? There are many stories surrounding Shadow Smile. Some say they’re a Heavy Metal band just like all the rest and others say there is something more sinister at work. Shadow Smile first began releasing music in late 2019. These unholy sounds combine huge riffs reminiscent of metal titans such as Avenged Sevenfold and Ghost with the contemporary stylings of modern bands like Bring Me the Horizon and While She Sleeps.
Since their emergence, Shadow Smile have been seducing impressionable metal fans into their cult. Each of their shows is lined with a sea of Shadow Smile t-shirts and their music videos are filled with fire, druids and scantily clad ladies. Some say they are ‘corrupting the youth’ and ‘spreading a satanic message’ but a spokesperson for the alleged Shadow Smile Cult reassured us: “Don’t be afraid, you will be welcomed among the creatures of the night… in the end”.
Exciting times lie ahead for the rising British act who continue to maintain underground credibility whilst radiating with commercial potential.
‘Hellbound Heart’ was independently released on April 21st 2023 & now available on major digital platforms.