Marian Simmons‘ singing reminded me of a blend between Stevie Nicks and Dolly Parton. In “Shadow of a lie” it combines a gentle rock flavour with a genuine country tune. Her voice has the tone of a woman saying, “Enough is enough! Even if it hurts to leave, I can’t stay in this toxic relationship any longer.” And the chorus backs this up. The lyrical selection was outstanding! It depicted the tension between the rational mind and the sympathetic heart, as well as how, while it’s evident that you’re being abused, leaving isn’t always simple. “You search for love, then break it at every turn. Hold your hand in the fire and watch it burn.” she says, describing not only the relationship but also the toxic person himself. He’s not pure evil, he’s just a human who hasn’t learned to know and love himself.

Although the vocals have a country vibe to them, the soft melodies are unmistakably classic rock, transporting you to the golden era of music in the 1990s. From the impressive guitar riffs in the intro to the final note before dropping it at the outro, it was a joy to listen to. It sped up at times and slowed down at others, to match the vocals and lyrics atmosphere. It had a nostalgic, melancholy feel to it.

For some emotional support and a push to make that tough postponed decision, listen to the song below.

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Viola Karmy