Nicole Eakins

When ending a relationship, the most likely scenario is being devastated for a while and needing time to process everything, heal, and move on. However, there’s a chance that you are rather redeemed and can finally breeze. In “Severed Ties,” Single By Sunday portrays leaving behind such a toxic relationship with a fiery sound and an energizing performance.

Severed Ties hails from Glasgow and consists of Josh Ladds (on lead vocals), Jonny Eakins (on lead guitar and backing vocals), Joshua Clark (on bass), and Ben Morland (on drums). Together they make up an Alt-Rock Pop band wrapped in infectious Punk with a spicy sonic boost. They draw influences from bands like Blink 182, The 1975, and My Chemical Romance, yet they maintain an organic quality with their own signature, both music-wise and appearance-wise with the catchy colored hair.

“Severed Ties” is an overdose of energy, rage, and overcoming a draining partner. The musicality of the song is a pure blaze, and the lyrical theme urges one to throw sand on the unwholesome fire and move along without looking back.

The quartet’s explosive chemistry draws the listener in right away, causing them to jump high to the dynamic rhythm and let go of any frustration or bitterness. From the start through the outro, there is a chaotic, lively vibe. The single’s sensibilities might be characterized as having both retro and stylish undertones. The way in which all of the components come together provides a bold, confident attitude.

The single easily appeals to one because of how each component is taking the light it deserves, and together they shine brightly. The charismatic vocals and how they illustrate the savage lyricism in a liberated timbre, the ardent, hooking riffs, the clean, stinging baseline, and the bouncy, head-hitting drumline are all crammed into one impassioned delivery and a tight, polished production.

Get ready, because wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, once you hit the play button, you’ll put the song on repeat for God knows how long.