Do you believe that rock is dead? Better think again while listening to Glasgow-based trio Ruby Nixxons’s latest single “Set Me On Fire”, as they explode with pure hard rock that’ll blow your speakers, let me tell you more about it.

With rocking riffs and bluesy vocals, Ruby Nixxons“Set Me On Fire” hits really hard. Its raw heavy riffs, sharp melodies, pounding drumming, and groovy bass says a lot about Ruby Nixxons’ deep rock roots as they lead us through a killer dynamic structure with loads of movements and guitar hero moments. I loved the way they carefully crafted their multi-layered riffs with perfect rhythm and lead guitar harmonies while letting the vocal melody lead the song’s interesting ramp progression creating a one-hell of an energetic rocking ride.

“Set Me On Fire” is a pure old-school hard rock tune with heavy riffing, fluid catchy melodies, and an entertaining structure that gets you hooked right from its intro. Ruby Nixxons managed to create a solid hard rock classic that’s their very own with no cliches and no recycled riffs or sounds, just their genuinely unique sound, and that’s pretty rare nowadays. Looking forward to more from Ruby Nixxons, keep on rocking guys, cheers!