Birmingham -based Finding Bella recently released their new single, “Set it off”. Finding Bella were formed during the Corona Pandemic, and is composed of Oliver White on vocals and guitar, Simon Black on lead guitar, Ben White on keys, Liam Hadfield on bass and John Woodward on drums.

At first listen, I was super impressed with the banging drums. It made me wanna headbang! The guitar in the song is sweet and melodious, complimenting the vocals. Something I absolutely loved about the single and the band is how Oliver opted to use his British accent without modifying it, staying true to his roots and not having to give in to songs being in an American accent. Not a lot of British bands do this and I celebrate Finding Bella for this! I also absolutely love Oliver’s passionate vocals, that really brings the entire song together.

All in all, I think this single (along with their previous release) will definitely put Finding Bella on the map, and get them the recognition that they so (clearly) deserve.