We live in a chaotic world, and one of the hardest things we are struggling to have is peace. However, people are busy trying to have power, authority, money, fame, and so much more, which makes it even harder for peace to spread. But the few who do care, like Maarten Rischen, offer the peaceful sense in their own authentic way, and that’s why he decided to make a track that sounds serene and is titled “Serenity?” The answer will be yes, please! Get ready to get disconnected from everything else and enjoy quality music that is made to take you to a dreamy soundscape.


Hailing from The Netherlands, Maarten Rischen is an experimental artist who makes music like no one else. He’s gifted and skilled as a musician, but what differentiates him from any other artist is his authenticity. You’re not going to find many artists willing to improvise an almost 8-minute track with a moving performance and flawless musicality as he did in his song “Serenity?”

“I have a very strong negative stance on music videos in which the artist is pretending to play their instrument or lip-syncing, as it takes away any and all risk and creativity that an actual recording or live performance has – leaving either an empty or overly exaggerated ‘performance’, and none of it is what I regard as making art.” Stated Rischen. That’s why he amazed us with a remarkable music video of his playing. It doesn’t just bring a sense of professionalism and pure serenity; you’ll be totally immersed and lost in the realm he created.

“Serenity?” featuring the dancer Alina Spittan is the sound and visuals of a long-awaited deep breath, a sound of liberty, calmness, and breaking free. The song starts as a mellow ballad and progresses to an epic, revolutionary take. To set you in a serene mood, the song starts off with soft piano playing accompanied by the sound of reassuring ocean waves. Each note offers tranquility and seamlessly makes you want to stare at the music video until you feel as if you’re there, too. At 3:22, the song takes a dramatic shift that is both intense and upbeat. If you didn’t get up and dance, at this point you’ll be enticed to join Spittan. This smooth turn from ambient to prog-rock is mind-blowing! It’s not forced, and every note is connected to the next one in beautiful harmony, from the soothing intro to the energetic part and the getting to a peaceful state again outro.

The entire track demonstrates how Rischen is deeply connected with music and instruments. He’s driven by passion, talent, and the love of music. All of the incredible instruments playing, composition, and production are improvised by him. This kind of sincere, impassioned performance is never fake. The extraordinary musician truly enjoys and aces what he does, and that’s what makes you easily engaged, feel what he feels, and enjoy along with him through the masterpiece.

What adds more profundity, deep emotions, and visual euphoria is Alina Spittan’s enchanting dancing. Throughout the 8 minutes, you’ll be wondering how this is not choreographed. The talented, sentimental dancer doesn’t know what Maarten will be playing at the moment; she’s just going with the flow, and it turns out magnificent! She’s translating the language of Maarten’s music through her delicate moves and illustrating freedom and serenity in a captivating visual manner. The effects that have been added to the video, such as the black and white scenes, the colors, the birds, and the illustrated elements, are mesmerizing and give an extra beat to the pretty much bursting-with-life piece.

To wrap it up, this emotional rollercoaster will give you the break you need from the world and, even better, will take you to a whole new one. It’s calmer there! Are you searching for “Serenity?” The music video below is the way to get there.