Carolee Raines is a living example of how hard work, dedication, and determination always pay off. The artist’s story is daring, challenging yet fruitful; it all started when she left everything behind in her teenage years, ran away from the music conservatory with nothing but a guitar and a small bag, headed west, and never looked back. Raines went on a wild ride across the West, from staying at hotels to sleeping and performing in the streets, she performed with several bands with different genres like jazz, country, and others at several local bars, hotels, cruise ships, and many more venues. After going through a unique and toughening experience which she learned a lot from, she ended up in LA, worked at Atlantic Records, and later became the sole A&R girl on the west coast for country Nashville. 

All these twists and turns helped shape the identity of the artist that is admired by her strong and loyal fan base, she has over 22K followers on Instagram and an impressive number of over 104K monthly listeners on Spotify only. Her previous song released last year “Please Come Back to You” received over 254K streams on Spotify, followed by her first single release this year, ” Orbit “which reached over 325K streams. She hits again with a unique sound in her latest release “Serendipity” which is the first song in her upcoming 10-song album “Synchronicity”. The artist was seeking mentorship for inspiration and knowledge but failed to find anyone who was able to give her what she wanted so she sought inspiration and guidance from the ‘sun, moon, and rain’ and depended on nature to help her convert her inner weaknesses to strength. The album is about different kinds of love and has a blend of influences like Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Ed Sheeran, and others. “Serendipity” will intrigue your ears and get you caught in its interesting guitar tunes and riffs, setting you in a light, calm yet fun mood. A song that will guarantee to put a smile on your face while enjoying the breathtaking sunset view and the beautiful summer breeze.