Sitting gleefully somewhere between Joy Division and The National, Autosuggestion’s latest single ‘Senseless’ is an immediately grabbing piece of indie that charms and lulls while it gently rocks.

A fresh-faced 4-piece indie outfit that hails from the British town of Hull, Autosuggestion might be young in the catalog and in age, but ‘Senseless’, more so than their 2 previous singles, proves that the 4 members of this band are certainly no newbies as far as writing a catchy song with thorough instrumentals and thought out lyrics. A song that drips with a unique artistry that I predict will come to define the band’s sound in future releases, ‘Senseless’ has a warm and bustling mix that gives the whole sound a golden summery sheen.

Exacerbating this summery vibe is the twisting, intricate guitar work on the song’s riff, which is supported by a truly fascinating piece of work from the rhythm section. A busy bass line that benefits from a chorusing effect and an interesting pattern is wrapped around the crisp-sounding snare drum around which the drums revolve. A drum line that’s unconventional and a bass line that sounds dangerously thin and guitar-like, focusing their forces to give one of the most nuanced, refreshing, solidly played, and engaging rhythm parts in recent memory. Outstanding.

With the distinctive vocal texture of the band’s frontman being a fitting man-o-war for the band’s whimsical sound, we have an end result that’s professional to no end. A sweetly written song that pushes the norms just the correct amount to be a novel and exciting sound without being alienating, ‘Senseless’ is bound to push Autosuggestion’s name forward quite a bit in their blossoming career.