Singer, songwriter and recording NYC artist Jason Shand just released his latest single “Selfish Bitch”…an alternative rock song with an experimental first minute and 20 seconds that evolves after that into an alt-rock anthemic musical experience.

Jason talks about what might be going on behind what appears to be a selfish individual…and about the possible forgiveness that might be in order…or maybe it’s the complete opposite of that!

“Selfish Bitch” would sound perfect on a huge stage with a packed stadium…

The musical production is mostly minimal with the beat moving the song forward, with some guitar licks…

The vocals surely take center stage with being the locomotive for the emotional progression of the song, with some sections that introduce backing vocals that add to the richness of the musical experience.

Rock drums enter and exit the sonic realm of “Selfish Bitch” strategically, it’s not there all the time…the song takes a more experimental, avante-garde musical approach…with the vocals being the rock of the experience, the thing that comes through to any music lover.

With influences by Elbow, U2, Peter Gabriel, Fiona Apple, NLX, Jason has created his own musical style, breaking musical boundaries…and he doesn’t shy away from exploring uncharted musical territories…

“Selfish Bitch” was produced by Jason and his keyboardist John Roggie.

The single was recorded in Roggie’s home studio except for the bass which was flown in from Jason’s bassist’s NYC home studio.

A musical experience worth your time, make sure you check out Jason Shand’s latest single “Selfish Bitch”.

Wishing all the best to Jason and all who were involved in the production of the song, can’t wait to see what you cook up next.