“Self Sacrifice” is a haunting song by the absolutely mind-blowing artist Gary Dranow … a song that explores the complexities of human emotions and inner turmoil with haunting lyrics and powerful vocals that create an atmosphere of suspense and introspection.

The brilliant Gary Dranow puts his super creative mind to the task…making the song a standout addition to any playlist that puts emotions, self-discovery, or self-reflection through a powerful heavy rock filter that instantly hooks audiences.

“Self Sacrifice” explores themes of karma, sacrifice, and the inescapable darkness within us all. 

With its unique, powerful, and poetic storytelling mixed with haunting melodies make it a hidden gem waiting to blow the mind of all who find it…

“Self Sacrifice” is polished to perfection…

…brilliant energy…

…amazing guitar riffs…

…the gritty and powerful vocal performance is absolutely epic…

…the evolution and development of the song from where it starts to its mountainous musical climax is such a feat, it has to be experienced to be believed.

Gary Dranow raises the bar for the whole rock music scene with “Self Sacrifice”…a job well done, truly.

There is a lot to be said about the band members, so let’s get to meet them…

Gary Dranow: A multi-talented artist, serving as Composer, Writer, Lyricist, and Guitarist. Gary’s journey from professional skiing and entrepreneurship to music is a testament to his passion.

Chris Zoupa: An Arranger, Guitarist, and Bassist known for his instrumental proficiency and exceptional arrangement skills. Chris is also the guitarist for the Australian Progressive Rock group Teramaze.

Jason Jones: A versatile talent, Jason takes on roles as Producer, Mixer, Master, Vocalist, and Drummer. His production expertise significantly shapes the band’s unique sound.

Roman Burda: Bringing his Blues Harp and Blues Harp Parts to the mix, Roman hails from Lviv, Ukraine, introduced to Gary by their shared Blues Harp instructor, Grammy-nominated David Barrett.

Klim Apalkov: Originally from Kaniv, Ukraine, Klim holds a master’s degree in music. He brings vocal prowess, keyboard mastery, and arranging skills to the band, leading the group Midgard.

Roman Kuznetsov: Also hailing from Kaniv, Ukraine, Roman contributes his skills as a Guitarist and Sound Engineer, collaborating with both Klim Apalkov in Midgard and Gary Dranow on several projects, including the “Harold’s Bagel Morning” album.

…nothing less than a musical force detour.

Make sure you experience the greatness of “Self Sacrifice” by Gary Dranow at all costs.

This is a highly recommended listen for sure.

Wishing all the best to Gary… can’t wait to hear more and more from the brilliant artist.