The time before the New Year holidays is filled with a sense of magic, pleasant times and bright feeling that something good is going to happen. So we’ve compiled a playlist that will surely help you enjoy your Christmas.

Louis Armstrong – “Christmas In New Orleans”
Louis Armstrong’s catchy voice and his memorable music us one of the best choices for having a warm Christmas time. This track features one of Armstrong’s most amazing trumpet solos. This song without a doubt can help bring a smile to your face.

Billy Eckstine – “Christmas Eve”
Eckstine was one of jazz’s richest voices. It was co-written with Lionel Newman, the Oscar-winning composer, conductor, and pianist. This song carries a mysterious beauty which makes it one of the best choices for having a Jazzy Christmas mood.

Frank Sinatra – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
There is no Christmas playlist without having Frank Sinatra. His voice and adaptations for Christmas music make him one of the shining stars for the season. You can trace the taste of beauty and enjoyment through the song.

Duke Ellington & His Orchestra: “Jingle Bells”
Undoubtedly, “Hingle Bells” is one of the essential songs for celebrating the Christmas season. In addition, Duke Ellington is one of the best Jazz adaptations for the song.

Ella Fitzgerald ft. Frank DeVol & His Orchestra: “Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”
Despite the lyrics making no mention of any holiday, the song has come to be regarded as a Christmas song and was covered by many artists like Ella. It was written during a heatwave where writer Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne wished it would snow to counter the heat.

Billy Holiday – “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm”
Although the song was recorded by many artists, Billy’s voice certainly made the song memorable. It spreads Christmas beauty and warmth through its touching voice, and magical tunes.

Ahmad Jamal Trio – “Snowfall”
“Snowfall” is a classic landmark and a permanent part of any holiday jazz playlist. Ahmad Jamal’s interpretation, accompanied by the sweet sound of the snare drum and dreamy lyrics made it much better than the original, at least for me.

Ella Fitzgerald – “Angels we Have Heard on High” 
In my point of view, this song is one of the basics for catching the spirituality and sacredness of the Christmas season. Ella’s voice expresses angelic feelings for hearing real angels and holding the moral of Christmas time.

Julie London – “I’d Love you for Christmas”

Very emotional track with catchy Jazz riffs, this is, of course, will bring you a beautiful Christmas mood.

Nat King Cole – “All I Want for Christmas”

A melodic and dynamic Christmas hit for finalizing our list. Through its energy, it will bring heat beating the sounds of wind and snow!

Finally, we wish you all a great holiday time with your friends and families.

Written by: Ahmed Hayaty and Rana Atef.

Edited by: Shereen G.