Synth-pop from the 80s meets radio-pop gentleness from the 90s, all fused together in tight songwriting and mixed to modern standards, making Mark Mallman’s last single ‘Seen My Own Ghost’ a truly replayable bit of pop.

Mark Mallman is a bit of an urban legend when it comes to the Minneapolis, Minnesota indie scene, and there is no denying that he is an inventive artist who is ready to take guises and spice things up, adding a bit of whimsical fun to his music and persona, while continuing to write solid pop tunes with hints of funk and electronica.

‘Seen My Own Ghost’ is the title of Mallman’s latest release, his first with his new label High Tension, run by Soul Asylum’s Ryan Smith, and he also accompanies the song with a fittingly macabre video that’s entertaining, nicely edited, and adds a bit of visual identity to the already crisp audio experience. The song is -at its core- driven by a steady, mid-tempo beat that’s highlighted by minimalistic synth melodies laden with character, both in the selection of the sound of the synths, or the notes of the melodies themselves, all supported by Mallman’s recognizable, road-worn, gritty vocals, and witty lyrics. The results are a song that’s infinitely light and fun, full of meaning, and beautifully put together.

‘Seen My Own Ghost’ is definitely a good note to start on with High Tension. A tight mix makes this terrific piece of songwriting pass just a whole lot easier, making ‘Seen My Own Ghost’ easy to replay, and easier still to enjoy.