Latest offering from Leon Frear is a ballad of extraterrestrial proportions. The troubadour flaunts his rich lyrical prowess side by side with his sharp songwriting, supported by some vivid imagery in the masterful animated video done by the French Ronald Grandpey, and the results are an infectious vibe loaded with meaning.

Based in Chicago, singer and songwriter Leon Frear is a singer and songwriter whose latest single ‘Secret Second Moon’ drops in support of his full-length album Wild Rice. The electrified smokehouse blues jazz vibes are courtesy of sweet guitars, balanced and creamy, and performed with nuance and restraint, as well as a generally brooding arrangement that’s heavily revolving around shifting beats and riffs, and terrific fuzzed guitar that plays crucial hooks. 

Lyrically inspired, just like most of Frear’s work, by his lush backstory and experiences, Frear’s super charismatic vocal take is menacing and extremely fitting to the instrumental he brings. The animated video, The Cherry on Top, is dark, saturated by dark colors and clear, bold lines, and tells a spacey story of despair and breakdown. A fantastic accompaniment to an otherwise exceptionally stand-out piece of music. 

Leon Frear puts on a fantastic show as a songwriter and as a musical visionary who is in complete control of all that’s going on with his craft. An absolute treat.