Based in Los Angeles, Second Language are a band whose achievements span multiple decades. Forming in 1981, the band have been writing and recording enticing music for years since, with their recent return to releasing music on streaming platforms reigniting their careers for a brand new era. In the past, the band have collaborated with top producers, including Ron Fair, Tony Berg and Earle Mankey, each able to capture their distinctly alternative and vibrantly unique approach to songwriting.

‘Swing Time’, a 2024 remix of a track recorded all the way back in 1992, is a vivid showcase of the unique sound I mention. The blend of guitars alone is enough to bring excitement to the listener, with a range of tones, rhythms and melodies emerging from the layers of electricity. The added elements of bright percussive melodies, vocalisations and soaring brass arrangements are the cherry on top. The vocals are poetic, wading through the melodies in the verse before leading a life-filled chorus. 

This sky-high emotional landscape is contrasted with themes of a dysfunctional relationship, the upbeat nature seemingly at odds with the darker themes. Nonetheless, ‘Swing Time’ across its lengthy runtime is an exciting release for Second Language, a glowing listen from front to back.

Reflecting on the project, Jessie, the band’s figurehead, shares, “We wrote ‘Swing Time’ in 1988 about a romantic relationship gone wrong. This version was recorded in 1992 for our album ‘WrongSpeak,’ which was released in 1996. It was remixed in 2024 in Dolby Atmos by Michael James for a single release. The new remix breathes fresh life into the song, hopefully making it resonate with both longtime fans and new listeners.”

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