Definitely, no one can imagine the rock n’ roll world without the punk music form. Still, I noticed that many talents are struggling to develop this style in a way or another, but I was totally wrong, because when I checked Airports I totally knew that this act is taking punk and pop music styles to a whole new level. Let’s find out! 

The Australian pop punk rocker, Airports, just released his second single ‘Second 2 Breathe’ the song is pretty catchy and one of the few that I have listened to during this year provides a great instrumentation along with incredible and unique mixing technique. The track is very energetic! You will be either dancing, swinging, or even banging while dancing on the floor!  The beats over here are really amazing, steady but very energetic too. The project mastermind Aaron Lee aka AIRPORTS, was capable of delivering an astonishing singing and songwriting style. Along with a great merge of pop, electronic, and punk music forms, which delivered impressively marvelous. I believe that the lyrics are one of the most important elements in any track, so imagine we are talking about overcoming several major battles in our lives, in fact, nothing better than his words over here “After a whirlwind of both personal and global pressures, an adequate break from artistry to realign my values & vision led me to creating Second 2 Breathe. This is a personal vindication and an ushering of a new sonic palette for AIRPORTS”. – Aaron Lee stated. 

If you’re looking for a 10/10 track to add to your library, then you should check out ‘Second 2 Breathe’ through his Spotify below. I know that your Australian music library may include iconic names like AC/DC, INXS, Sia, or Tina Arena, but also I am sure that you’re gonna add AIRPORTS for sure after listening. Enjoy! 


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