Instrumental music faces a challenge in connecting with the listener and portraying emotions and thoughts in the absence of lyrics and vocals. That is what adds authenticity and sincerity to it. “When Mountains Speak” has repeatedly manifested his ability to create unique, spiritual, and deeply self-connected music. His album “Seasons Of Awakening” is another marvelous example.

The album consists of nine tracks plus a bonus one. The beauty of this psychedelic album is that it feels like a journey and you’re getting the desired destination by listening to one after one, but it won’t lead you to a place, it will lead you to a sentiment, to a bond with all your surroundings. The soprano sax work is splendid, and it sets different moods in each song and shows a variety of potential. Steven Clarkson, the alter ego of When Mountains Speak, is incredibly skilled and has the ability to craft long pieces to spill his guts out and connect with the listener.

The opening track, “Lucid Velocity,” has acoustic elements such as the gentle guitar chords and the soft percussion, with some soprano saxophone. It gives us the feeling of uniting with nature, the earth, and all that surrounds us. In Indian religion, “Dharma” means the eternal and inherent nature of reality, and the sound of the track, “Sonic Dharma,” It has a dreamy vibe, and its five-minute length, driven by the soprano sax, feels like exploring and trying to find a latent truth.

“Insight” has obvious oriental influences and superb electric guitars. While listening to this one, you’ll feel like you’re on a quest to gain insight. Jazzing things a little with “A Spiritual Matter.” Track by track, you can see how the talented musician is nailing the sax. This track has a major calming effect. It feels like floating on the sea with some sun rays on your face.

Album available exclusively on WMS website here.

In the Indian style, “Brilliance” has some ear-catching percussion. The Soprano Sax and the percussion together put the listener in such a calming, meditative ambiance. With “Awakening,” the album is coming to an end, and you’ll feel like your journey is too. It’s like your connections with the universe, earth, and yourself are getting stronger, and the bond is becoming unbreakable. The sound of the electric mandolin and the soprano sax is the celebration of this bond. There is no better gift than the one that is customized for the one we love.

 The album’s closing track, “Her Beauty Transcends,” is dedicated to the loving wife, and it’s the most joyous track on the album; grab your partner and sway to it. We started with acoustic elements, and we’re ending with them. In the matter of our journey, this one is the feeling of arriving “home.” It’s full of life. If you can’t get enough of this authentic, one-of-a-kind work, you can listen to the bonus track “Floating Karma.”

 The thing about “When The Mountains Speak” music is that no matter how much one tries to describe it, nothing compares to hearing it. Music, and especially this talented man’s music, speaks for itself.

Album available exclusively on WMS website here.

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