They combined their immense talents and gave us “Seared” as a result. A dreamy, irresistible single that makes you feel as if a Siren is calling, and you’re hypnotically compelled to respond. If only the Siren could hit some fantastic indie rock soft, fuzzy tunes!

With its mellow basslines complementing the sweet, joyous guitar chords, the tune is captivating from the start. Then there were the vocals, which sounded sugary (I’m not sure if you can describe a voice like that, but that’s how I felt), nostalgic, fresh, and delightful. Andrea’s vocals have their own rhythms, and I’m sure she’d sound great in barebones. With some post-punk overtones, the speed picks up, and the guitar and bass seem as if they’re debating how they can go faster and sound better while yet combining amazingly well to generate the uplifting, cheerful music. Slowing the beat down and softening the vocals made it feel like there were so many shining lights before, but now they’re all gathered to give bright white. They’re going up with the beat, their skills, and your emotions through till outro.

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Viola Karmy