Once upon a time, Alex Wadley, a Tasmanian music teacher, wanted to inspire his students, but the influenced became the influencers and pushed him to pursue his dream. Mr. Wadley founded the fresh Punk/Rock band “Slow Down Sonic” with long-time bandmate and friend Alex Britton and, later, drummer Daimon Shelton. So, two years later, after many setbacks, they could release their debut single, “Searching.”

But the story doesn’t end here! It’s just getting started.

Music could be a great companion on a daily basis and through difficult times. And this has always been the case for me! I’ve been expressing myself through writing ever since I can remember, but one of the best ways to feel less bad on bleak days is to listen to a song that makes me feel like I’m not the only one who’s going through whatever I’m facing. Slow Down Sonic’s “searching” came to me when I wasn’t searching for music to hear, but when I was searching for comfort. The single was released on May 22nd, 2022, and I was introduced to it to review it on June 8th, which is my birthday. I wasn’t celebrating on this day; I was working, and my mind was racing with endless thoughts, only to hear “searching” and find my thoughts neatly written, flavored with a killer sound, and a dope, passionate performance from the trio.

“Searching” conjures up images of being lost in hazy, hectic days, losing sight of where you were heading and what your purpose was in the midst of it all. The lyrics are realistic and relatable, striking a vulnerable chord. 

“So Here We Are

The lost and the lonely

We’re searching for something more.”

These lines in the chorus and how they were sung felt like a warm hug, telling me that it’s okay that I’m lost, we’re all a little lost. Most of us are still looking for a sense of purpose and meaning in our lives.

The head-banging Punk/Rock sound, with its infectious melody and catchy riffs, is definitely something I’d rather hear and enjoy repeatedly than the unrhythmic mess in my head. The charismatic vocals convey the frustration of feeling stuck and proceeding to search, while the on-fleek instrumentation invades one’s head energetically, untangling the conflicted thoughts and sensations. It’s a song that you can like each element of separately and get hooked when they’re combined.

I think Alex Wadley taught us all a lesson when he appreciated his gift, followed his passion, and formed Slow Down Sonic, and I can’t wait to see what they have next.