David Benson, the man behind Said Sara has a long and remarkable musical career; he was a long-time drummer for the old-school death metal band ‘Acephalix’. “David spent 15 years as guitarist/vocalist-turned-vocalist of this genre-obscuring clique, whose sole full-length, 1994’s Spine, was released by Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn’s ultra-legendry SST records”. The artist is a San Francisco, California singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. Said Sara is a project started by the artist in 2020, where he released an EP and a few singles. Last year he released “Bleedways” which was a success and had over 1.1K views on YouTube only.

 “Sea” is the first single released this year and it’s promising. The song is a mix of progressive and post-folk elements while keeping his metal background and influence sustained. The song starts with guitar chord progressions then a harmonica solo is introduced, playing the main melody to pave the way for the vocal line. The intro and riff of the intro reminded me of the opening song in Tangled the movie, such a fun, and cheerful vibe. The song’s music and lyrics are by David Benson along with the vocals, guitar, harmonica, banjo, drums, and programming. The recording and mixing were done by the artist as well at The Depths in San Francisco, while the mastering was done by Jesse Nichols at The Atomic Garden West in Oakland and the cover photo by Andrew Kjera.