Aaaah, New Orleans… The city of unique culture, multilingual heritage, and home of original witches and Vampires. Oops! I mean home and birthplace of Jazz! Sorry the song kinda reminded me of CW’s “The Originals”.

Anyhow, most of us know the hit track Sweet Child O’ Mine from rock legends Guns N’ Roses, but have you ever heard it in Blues style? Well here you go then, YouTuber Scott Bradlee has teamed up with Miche Braden and New Orleans blues legend Bessie Smith to create the cover and recorded it as if it were made back in the 20’s.

I must say, this is some pretty cool stuff! Especially with the outfits, the vintage grand piano, the music and of course Mrs. Bessie’s strong performance makes you feel and even imagine that you’re sitting in one of the cafes in the French Quarter or on Bourbon Street watching them live on stage.
So check them out in the video below. Oh, and ladies make sure to keep an eye out for Mr. Elijah Mikaelson, he’s the stunning original vamp in a suit by the bar.