Now, it’s time for the world to meet Mr. Scott Brad Lee, who has a unique way of taking popular tracks and giving them a vintage twist. From 1920’s New Orleans Style jazz and blues, to 1950’s Doo Wops. One of his latest videos is a phenomenal cover of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”, in which Scott and his band (featuring Grammy nominated saxophonist Dave Koz) reinterpret the song 1930’s jazz style and well… it’s really catchy! You can see that everyone in the video was having a blast making it. Even I can’t deny that I had some finger snappin’ & feet tappin’ moments when listening to it.

So if you want to go back in time to class up your life, make sure to check out Scott Brad Lee’s YouTube page.

And of course, here’s his cover for “Careless Whisper”…



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