Credit: Alban Bizet

After the huge success of their debut single: “Heavy Cure” and reaching over 13K streams on Spotify, The Silent Era is back with yet another smashing single: “Scorpio”; that’ll blow the minds of all their 8.4K monthly Spotify listeners and every rock fan.

The alternative rock four-piece band got together in 2021 by Chris Schwarten on guitars and Nicolas Zappa on bass, who have been playing together since 2018. Later, they were joined by Bri Macanas, the vocalist, and they instantly clicked, and finally, Joe Eiffes on drums. Although each of them comes from a different background with remarkable experience and undoubtful talent, they spent two years getting acquainted with one another, playing around with songs and lyrics till they perfected their sound, resulting in an original style, sick tunes, and powerful lyrics. The band’s style is influenced by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, The Cure, Queens of the Stone Age, Deafheaven, and others, but with their own take and angle. 

“Scorpio” is about dark desires, deep emotional conflicts, and addictive behaviors, something that all of us can relate to in our way. Although we might know how pursuing these desires or behaviors could be destructive, or as described in the song “It’ll be the Death of Me,” we still can’t stop. These deep lyrics are accompanied by powerfully controlled vocals, a dynamic drumline, and a subtle bass line. The guitar riffs are heavy, loud, and vibrant, bringing the sound to life. The song has interesting cadences and an overall sick ambiance. “Scorpio” along with “Into Dust,” their latest release, were recorded at Small Pond, Brighton by engineer Josh Riordan, assisted by Liisa Kiis, Bri Macanas, and Nicolas Zappa (who also mixed both songs.) The mastering by Mark Roberts and the remarkable artwork by Chris Schwarten. 

Keep an eye on the band’s socials for upcoming live shows; you surely don’t want to miss it!