The School of Rock, a Richard Linklater directed movie who is now preparing to make a new act that will approximately take a range of 20 years for making! This movie is not intensively promoting or introducing this type of music to the new generations of the final decade of the 20th century.

As much as it holds a great level of fusion between comedy and Rock n’ Roll. Thus it was a great point that can be credited to the director and all the crew, As most of the other movies have a stereotype that rockstars are drug addicts or always depressed for instance. I guess this movie gave massive power and a lift to the music teachers in schools all over the world that love Rock and Metal to start teaching how to play that kind of music to students, also the students may have had enough adrenaline through watching the movie to help in this revolution.

To jump out of the regular basics in schools concerning music, The School of Rock was a huge profit spark for the director Richard Linklater by gaining a net profit of 96,282,949 USD from that act. Switching off to the movie star Thomas Jacob Black, He is of a British-German father and a Russian Jewish mother, which seems to be a great mix to get us, such great actor. Here you can see all the awards SOR Including all the Movies/Series he worked in. Referring to Arabs who worked in The School of Rock Movie; we must mention Maryam Aishah Hassan, born in the US & has its nationality. Also, I need to mention Miranda Cosgrove; who stole my heart when she was 10-11 years old only. She’s more than cute!

Check out all the Movie crew, HERE

Watch the Movie trailer from HERE

Edited by: Amged Mahmoud


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