Bones In Butter blesses us with a new art rock song from Belgrade, Serbia, called ‘Scenes from the metro’, a psychedelic and a little sorrowful song that speaks about a social issue you could never have imagined a song about. The song will drop on January 6th of 2023, as an experiment with the post-rock sound. Bones and Butter started their musical journey in 2019, with Milutin Krasevic as the founder and songwriter, then the band grew during the lockdown and now includes Luna who does vox, and Tudor who plays guitar. A fun fact for you about this song is that it was sampled from ‘Lili Marlen’ by Lale Andersen. 

Giving us some cool groovy and hippie vibes that are definitely nostalgic to 70’s slow rock style, there is a very modern twist to this post-rock track. This song feels like a colorful hologram of some memory. You will enjoy so much sonic texture made of Amos’s orchestra vocals that are both male and female, it’s almost surreal. It feels like you’re entering a slow and hazy fantasy. The overall sound of the song is comforting yet a little bit sad because of the topic. The song talks about the dream of having a Belgrade metro, which never happened, leaving Serbia to be one of the last European countries without an underground transportation system. It seems that this is a big issue since artists decided to speak on the matter through the music they have made. The musical arrangement of the song is good, with a steady medium pace and linear storytelling that is easy to follow and enjoyable to the ears with the mellow instrumental usage. The soundscape is a slow and dreamy rock sensation l. There are subtle distortion sounds, undertones of sadness, and a sweet, balmy vibe. There is a very groovy and flirty electric guitar that makes up the melody of the song. The vocals are soft and transparent. You don’t want to miss this one