The ultimate Halloween playlist! There is no Halloween without a horrific and spooky Metal playlist, although there are various choices to be listed, I tried to make it contain different genres and moods.

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath

Start the night with Heavy Metal godfathers, BLACK SABBATH. The atmosphere, and the doomy riffs will give the night the perfect kick-start. Watch here.

Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark

Halloween is all about beasts and who is better than the masters, Iron Maiden, to narrate their stories. Watch here.

King Diamond – Halloween

The king‘s creepy voice, corpse paint and the words of “every night for me is a Halloween” this song has to be there. Catch the heat! Watch here.

Arcturus – Master of Disguise

As we go heavier and darker along the way. The voice of Garm here is as creepy as it can get, with the keyboards completing this haunted portrait of a song. Watch here.

My Dying Bride – Here in the Throat
Although it is Doom Metal, sometimes My Dying Bride are scary with their cold brutal lyrics and funeral type riffs. Watch here.

Opeth – Nectar
Although their progressive soft music, Opethʼs earlier material have different tendencies including this piece of beauty. Watch here.

Dimmu Borger – Spellbound (by the Devil)
No one comes close to the Norwegians in complimenting spirits, evil and the prince of darkness. Watch here.

Satyricon – The Pentagram Burns
Now it is the time to add some fire to the flame, with Satyrʼs most evil Black Metal vocals and Frostʼs drums that sounds like a march to hell. Watch here.

Diabolical Masquerade – Haunted By Horror 

The most dark, devilish one man metal band you can listen to, Blackheimʼs voice will haunt you till the next Halloween. Watch here.

Cradle of Filth – The Twisted Nails of Faith
This song is like a horror movie brought into a song with all the elements included, Dani Filth can do 9 vocal types and a scream that can boil the blood in your skull accompanied by a dark enchanted keyboards. Watch here.
Finally, we wish you a scary Halloween…

Edited by: Rana Atef