Scarlet Mill emerged in 2020 boasting a fresh and alternative sound that rooted itself in a penchant for storytelling. After impressing with their debut project, the duo of Jennifer Moesker and Erik Verhoef are once again set to bewitch listeners with their compelling narratives in their upcoming follow-up. The project follows a tale of love between a wistful sailing musician and his muse, drawing the listener into the weaving avenues of their relationship.

Scarlet Mill’s new single ‘Driftwood’ marks the fifth chapter of this story. Poetic and brooding, the music provides us with a complex emotional backdrop, between tense chugging guitars and gently falling piano arpeggios, it sets a scene that matches the mixed feelings told in the lyricism. As the listener is brought into the chorus, sparkling atmospheres bring our protagonist back into control, with glittering synths and steadfast drums driving a confident vocal performance.

The band share an insight into the single, “We have crafted this song to unfold a pivotal part of the tale of two ‘drifting souls’, to be told in full on our upcoming second album. We voice the female protagonist’s perspective on the sailor’s misbehaving, before he flees to Port Henry. Our dark synths and gloomy guitars lay the ominous, alt-rock, and somewhat wavy foundations for the female narration.”

Press via Plus Music PR