Ross Oullette

After the release of their debut EP in 2021, Vancouver rockers Bealby Point are teaming up with veteran producer Matt Di Pomponio at the world-renowned recording studio, Hipposonic Studio to release their upcoming EP “Fridays” this summer. To give us a taste of what they are cooking, they dropped their 1st single off this EP “Say it Anyway” on the 1st of April, 2022 and it can’t get any better. And now, we are about to dig deeper into it so, let’s go

With a cool bassline and an interesting guitars “Say it Anyway” starts. Catchy, well-written guitar melodies is one of this song’s most significant features. Once you focus on those, you’ll realize how carefully they were written and arranged throughout the whole song from intro to that melancholic verse then the catchy bridge and exploding chorus alongside that subtle bassline that’ll keep you grooving till the end. The solo comes at a perfect timing ending the song on a high note. From my humble POV, “Say it Anyway” might have benefited from a more powerful vocal melody that matches those catchy tunes, specially at the chorus but, that’s the artist’s creative choice for sure.

“Say it Anyway” is a great choice for 1st single, it’s a rocking tune that sets the bar high for the rest of the ep and gives an example of how can you write cool riffs and melodies without showing off, just using your skills and clearly, Bealby Point has a lot to offer. Looking forward for Bealby Point’s EP “Fridays” and till then, keep on blasting “Say it Anyway”. Cheers!

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