Everything is sharp here and serious too because Blueprint Tokyo will “say anything” in their latest single, they will motivate you to come out of the darkness and take off the cloak of fear, this amazing song from ALT ROCK POP musician will push you to life.

Blueprint Tokyo is the independent rock duo Andy and Kevin from Oklahoma, USA, and with “Say Anything” they resume their musical journey with stories to tell.

Kevin’s pathological experience of contracting a degenerative bone disease that forced him to stop and then recover was a powerful impetus for the pair to instill hope and banish fear from our spirits, at times when we all need what they come up with.

Their new song “Say Anything” carries some of their messages, because the world is full of darkness in every corner of it. We see fear walking with people and embodied in movies, but with the energy of this couple and strong indie rock, we’ll figure out our way to escape from it all and find ourselves a haven, get out of the dark, break our silence and say anything to prove we’re not afraid of anything.

In “Say Anything”, the duo launched a wave of powerful rock music formats that combine more traditional sounds with synths and a new wave. Guitar and drums were among the most important of these sounds. Their intensity and intensity were very expressive with the painful singing that reflects the state of rebellion, and sharp bears a strong cry for fearlessness. The emotion here binds the heavy elements in the path to each other to perform the desired purpose.

There is hope distributed between musical and poetic sentences that makes “say anything” vital despite the darkness and fear that the words carry.

Blueprint Tokyo editions are real and bring out all the good in us. And their music is wonderful and full of emotions that make you believe in a better future so listen to them.


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