Photo by Tina Korhonen, all rights reserved |

After the release of their well-received singles “Closer” and “(Hard)Core Memory”, the heavy duo Glytsh is back with their new single “Sav@ge”, a relentless headbanger with Glytsh’s unique electronic twist, heavy raw riffing, powerful vocals, and of course, their awesome visuals. 

Glytsh’s “Sav@ge” is one of the most modern and original true metal bangers I’ve listened to lately, the way they’re fusing heavy electronic elements with an industrial sound mixed with groove and nu-metal influences is INCREDIBLE! Vocalist Jennifer Diehl perfectly delivers an extremely diverse vocal melody with smooth transitions in the most expressive way while guitarist Claire Genoud smartly knows when to unleash her rack-abilities and when to take a step back and plan a perfect build-up. 

As expected from a band hailing from Birmingham where Black Sabbath started it all, Glytsh is going to send you off your seat headbanging all over the place with “Sav@ge”.  It sounds like the perfect modern metal evolution with its diverse influences that Glytsh mashed together creating their very own unique sound, and if that’s not enough, it has a rocking shredding solo and an awesome video you can check out on Youtube!

I’m totally gonna dig deeper into Glytsh’s catalog and will definitely be looking forward to more releases, keep on rocking ladies, cheers!