The Argentinian/Spanish, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, Fernando Borrego, has been cooking a tasty feast for the past couple of years through his musical solo project, Sans Patrie. And the skilled artist recently dropped what he had been working on, the self-titled album, to amaze us with the incredible potential he has and the distinct Rock ‘n’ Roll.

“Sans Patrie” means “without a homeland” in French, and that’s what the creative artist conveyed in his album through a variety of musical styles, songwriting virtuosity, and relatable sentiments of being lost, unable to attain your essence, and unrest. It’s not a melancholy album, though; it boasts incredible guitar work, layered harmonies, airily vocals, and catchy choruses. The nine hits, seven of which are in English and two of which are in Spanish, entice listeners to dance their hearts out.

With the opening track, “Setting Sun,” he immediately grabs your attention with its charming vocals, appealing, heavy guitar riffs, and unique sound derived from blending Punk, Britpop, and Rockabilly. It’s catchy and addictive, especially with the chorus. Although it has a dynamic melody, it has dark, relatable lyrics depicting what it’s like to be stuck in your own head and be afraid to fight your demons.

“Dance, Dance” kicks off with acoustic guitar chords and then electrifies the atmosphere with electric guitar, a funky Rock ‘n’ Roll sound, and vibrant vocals. It’s hard to resist dancing with this one. If you didn’t shake your body from the intro, the solo part will demand you to dance and throw a mini party in your room. “Shotgun” manifests the genuine soul of Rock ‘n’ Roll. It’s still the third single from the album, and Sans Patrie is killing it! Starting from the hard-hitting drums in the intro till the very last guitar riff, you’ll lose control over your body and dance until you fall. 

The first Spanish song on the album is “Tequila, Mi Vida.” It belongs to the playlist that includes “Dance, Dance” and “Shotgun” and was made to be played at bars with people drinking and dancing to their tunes. The melody is simple yet super catchy. The guitar hooks and the vocals sing together as one with full energy. Acoustic is taking its space in “Insomniac Dreaming.” And we’re back again, trapped in our heads, and this time with anxiety taking over.

The vision of being lost and confused is getting clearer with “Devil Horns & Angel Wings.” The talented artist was able to demonstrate the conflict with all of the elements. Most of us have fallen into this dark phase, and the single portrays what it exactly feels like. I sure did dig the marching sound; it gave the feeling that we were about to enter a mental battle. “Whiskey Song” features the bittersweet of love and a great violin addition. The chorus hooks your ears, and the instruments make your soul groove.

The second and last Spanish song, “Humo y Vino,” features a pop influence with Latin vibes. It’s slower and has a warmer vibe than the other tracks. It’s the album’s longest track, yet it’s immensely enjoyable thanks to its native sound and the feminine gentle touch of vocalist Mery de Elia. Closing off with a mellow, heartwarming acoustic sound and tender, melodic vocals, introducing sentimental lyrics. However, Sans Patrie puts in his electric signature to add some vivid vibes. 

We’re undoubtedly in the presence of a professional, extremely talented artist who has a lot up his sleeve, and to make sure yourself, listen to the album.