Artist Marcus Smith released a fadija ring masterpiece that mixes rap and rock called ‘Sandwiches’, on the 13th of March from Cleveland, US. Marcus is a rapper, guitarist and producer and his main influences are artists like Bruno Mars and Childish Gambino. Jean Kong is on the keys and vox and Joe Skowronski is on the guitar. This production is amazing because of how fun the concept of the song is and how two genres that are as savage as rock and rock were used to combine aesthetics and create a fun song that talks about something as basic and random as sandwiches. Smith had a musician residency at the rock and roll hall of fame in 2021, and has a pop punk/album no band called this is growing up on the side.

It’s really cool and creative how this song turned out and how high-quality this production is. You wouldn’t think turning something as mundane as sandwiches to be a really inspiring track with loads of imagery, and you know that Smith is successful as a creative because when you listen to the song you actually want to grab a sandwich. The overall sound of the song is savagely creative and out of the box, with a great fun vibe and laid-back attitude. You’ve got a slow-paced rap soundscape mixed in with some soft and edgy rock elements. You’ve got distorted rock guitar sounds that sound like they are screaming with passion, you’ve got rock drums, prominent cymbals, a great moving rhythm and the rock element gives the song depth and a melodic sound. Step outside the box with this song as soon as possible.