Allan Towne

In his debut single, “Same Old Song,” Minneapolis-based singer-songwriter ImLazarus decided to demonstrate his characteristics, lush spirit, and ecstatic sound through one of the most euphoric themes: wedding days.

It’s too soon to admit a certain artistic identity for ImLazarus as “Same Old Song” is his first solo single out, but based on his experience as a multi-instrumentalist in bands for years and his work as an independent composer creating commercial parody music, we can say that he’s a proficient, witty musician, and according to the song, we can easily notice that he aims to share joy and humor with the world.

“Same Old Song” feels and sounds nostalgic, just like the sense of remembering memorable wedding days. However, the retro flair coming from The Beatles’ influence is not the only thing there; it has danceable, stylistic rhythms, and fresh execution.

The lyrical content and its storytelling are lighthearted, and the vocals convey the sentiments with a passionate, perky timbre. The instrumentation sounds bouncy and zealous, which entices one to groove. The song’s genre blending of ragtime, folk, punk, and rock makes it instantly catchy and standout.

All of the elements work together to conjure a pleasant memory where all family and friends were dancing and laughing to the melodies of the same old song. ImLazarus put a lot of effort into every detail to create the vibe that will make the listener’s happy chemicals multiply in their brains.

This is definitely a banging start! ImLazarus set a high bar for himself, and his upcoming album must meet this quality. Stay tuned to learn about the release date!