Adding to the list of strong, layered femme vocalists like Sia, Anne Marie, Pink, Lady Gaga, and Zara Larsson, the name of the exceptional multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter Estella Dawn. She’s full of harmonic vocal layering that makes her have what all these pop icons have and more, and in no time, she’ll be getting all the spotlight she deserves. That’s the first thing that popped into my mind when I heard “Salt,” and then I put it on repeat countless times. Dawn is not only an insanely talented vocalist, but also a touching lyricist. She knows her way around capturing complicated feelings that are hard to describe and harder to process and putting them into words to create an addictive piece. It takes a genuine musician with a connection to their inner self and the ability to embrace and share life’s hardships to pull off a heartfelt single like “Salt.”

The secret potion to this consoling message with its poetic lyrics and tranquil, passionate, compelling vocals is the blending of the melodies of electronica and pop, as you can’t nail an addictive single without captivating beats. The instrumentation has been carefully crafted around Dawn’s soft, yet powerful voice, to reveal layer after layer of the brilliant composition driven by strong passion.

We all lose vision sometimes, fall on our knees with zero energy to stand again, with no clue where we’d go if we did. “Salt” is a reminder that we’ve all been there and it’s OK not to be OK. You’ll come out strong when it’s time.

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Viola Karmy