Promo picture by Al Rinald

Swedish Gothenburg-based melodic death metal band Sailor Hunter is set to release their new self titled EP on May 19th 2022 via Finnish record label Inverse Records. The first single Scarred is released today and music video can be seen below

Singer Stellan Berndtsson comments the single:
“To see what’s left of a person’s body after the end in the most violent way. When the remains are put in a black trash bag and to relive it in your dreams forever. That’s your mind that is scarred.

You notice on the music video even if we´re just playing as a band, it actually portrays what you see on the color grading and the fast movements or “happenings” are about when the mind get scarred . It’s a kind of a shadow or mark that remains in your mind forever after being shocked about something that ended violently.”

Sailor Hunter – s/t EP 2022

Track list:

1. Commence
2. Scarred
3. Life
4. Alone
5. Icon

EP cover by Al Rinald

Source: Inverse Records


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