Their single, ‘Special Laws’, is quite spacey, the piano in the song will make sure to touch every string attached to your heart, lifting your spirit higher. I have to say they did a great job, and I would refer to the band as psychedelic more than progressive because what they created is very artistic yet it’s just as much as strong. The song holds a message to anyone who could hear it relating to its revolutionary lyrics:


“We saw them hangin’ around
While there was blood on the ground
As they explained it would be
The curse of democracy
We drained what we could, on our way
No time to spend for parley
Now, don’t complain any more
What are you waiting for?”


It’s highly recommending everyone to give this band a shot and a shout out for being nothing less than awesome. I’m definitely going to buy their album to taste more of their music!


Written by: Rim ElJurdi

Edited by: Jailan ElRafie


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