Ozomatli - Photograph by Lisa Johnson Rock Photographer

Los Angeles two Grammy awards winners Ozomatli are hitting 2022 hard with their upcoming record “Marching On” on July 15, 2022 which is their debut on Blue Élan Records and produced by David Garza (Fiona Apple). To give their fans a taste of what’s coming their way, they released two singles last year “Mi Destino,” featuring guests B-Real (Cypress Hill/Prophets of Rage) and vocalist, Gaby Moreno and “Fellas” featuring Lisa Lisa (Cult Jam fame and the ladies of J.J. Fad) and today we are reviewing their thirst single “Sacude”. It was released March 25th, 2022 and described by vocalist Asdru Sierra as “A song about shaking off toxicity. Poetically it describes how the guy in the band that plays maracas has something strange in his instrument that rattles funny and throws off his groove.  The maracas are like an extension of our souls in this case. At first a guy in the band that’s his friend tells him there’s something off with him. He points out that he is sick with toxicity and he’s worried. But he needs to deal with it.  Then during the chorus, the pregones are the maraca player expelling his toxicity,” He continues, “We all have toxicity in our lives, whether it’s from other people or our own addictions or insecurities, everyone has experienced toxicity. So, we all aim to clean out our maracas to get rid of whatever makes it sound bad to continue grooving.”

“Sacude” is an energetic tune that’ll make you sway to its beautiful melodies from the very beginning till the end. A well-crafted flow of melodies and grooves layered and mixed professionally and that’s not an easy job at all. The expressive fluid vocal melody transfers a lot of emotions and it has its own groove and it’ll grab your ears and you’ll feel it even if you don’t understand the words. I loved the conversation between percussions, guitars and brass instruments and how groovy and catchy that turned “Sacude” to be.

“Sacude” can turn your mood around easily by its beautiful groove and flow and I believe we all need that, it’s catchy and will keep on roaming inside your head for a while.blankOzomatli on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Bandcamp.