Cover Art by Olli Violet

Swedish headbangers PRESSURE are back once again with another story on their latest halloween single “Sacramental Anger” via Xing Records. With well-crafted melodies and arrangements, “Sacramental Anger” tells a story of unstoppable, irresistible love, so let’s see how it goes.

Taking a purely gothic/symphonic approach, PRESSURE are aiming for even a bigger sound on “Sacramental Anger”. Adding more of their signature theatrical sound worked perfectly in favour of their storytelling style, with the help of extremely melodic expressive strong vocals, powerful catchy riffs, and pounding energetic drumming. “Sacramental Anger” has a dynamic structure that keeps on pushing its boundaries further, keeping the listener hooked and focused. This structure offers epic well-written twists and turns, with seamless interesting sound shifts that show an overall progression in PRESSURE’s writing.

“Sacramental Anger” is another unmistakable epic story by PRESSURE. Building on their previous releases’ sound, PRESSURE managed to take their sound further while staying true to their direction and identity. Always looking forward to more from PRESSURE, keep on rocking guys, cheers!

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