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Don’t you just love it when art has an underlying commentary that is both real and relatable?

I sure do and not only that…I believe this is something that needs to be preached.

The good people at MINT are doing an absolutely killer job at targeting social and world issues that they are tackling with their lyrics, songs, music…the whole shebang.

First, let’s get to know the heart and soul of MINT…

The Grimsby based duo MINT Zack Rashid and Lenny Pawson are responsible for the awesome alt-rock sounds, vibes and in-your-face social-commentary lyrics we are hearing.

The song talks about people being judged everyday based on the color of their skin or their beliefs…the song aims to be the shield against this piercing arrow or racism…and let me tell you something, the song is called S.U.G.A.R…..which serves two main purposes in my opinion…

The first purpose is…it is an acronym for STAND UP GLOW AGAINST RACISM…and that is the message of the song.

The second purpose is…it shows how people can be “sweet” if you look past the skin color or belief.

…this is the kind of art that is both entertaining and educational, this transcends “normal” song, or normal art, this is a message that promotes a healthier global culture.

I have to mention something very important, Zack Rashid has a mixed heritage.

He has Palestenian and English heritage running through him.

He definitely has something to say about the world…and he is doing one hell of a job promoting this message…simply, MINT wants a better world. Is that too hard?

So, how about we check MINT’s S.U.G.A.R.?

The song starts out hot!

Very alt-rock-punk energy coursing through the verses…

…You dance, jump and go crazy…in the first 10 seconds…

The vocals are full of emotions…loud, screaming…

The song has a fast punk-drum-beat that feels like riding a muscle car and just flooring the gas…and it won’t stop.

Guitar riffs are huge!

Bass guitar is tight!

The song has a lot of interesting elements like super distorted melodic guitar lines, vocal layers that are powerful, synth sounds that are from another world…everything is working together perfectly..

The song has a bridge where everything just stops…and vocals just keeps performing…

From there, there is a buildup till the end of the song…and it is a very emotional build up, everything just goes to 11!

One of the points that caught my attention is that the song already starts super hot…and somehow it gets scalding-scorching levels of hot by the end…the energy is out of this world.

Guys, we fell in love with your work and wish you all the luck and motivation to keep sending out messages that could change the world. Cheers!
MINT on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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