A faded vocal intro gives way to the natural sound of Lina Sophie’s voice, singer of the band.

“For Rumors we pulled out all the cliches… 808 bass, trap hats and percussion, and a lyrical narrative.” –says the band. “We wrote most of it in early 2020 during the recording of our first album.”

The beat and speed of the song both work well together, encouranging unconscious foot tapping to the listeners.

The acoustics accompanying the vocals have a fade, distant effect as well that give a dreamy, trippy feeling, as if emotions were so strong that you can’t think straight.

This Alt-Pop band based in LA are no strangers to Rock Era Magazine. We have had the pleasure to interview them in the past and reviewed their song ‘Loaded’ feat Blood Handsome.

“Fast forward to summer 2021 (after not playing live for 18 months) when we performed Rumors for the first time (live). Perhaps it was the euphoric rave vibe of the event caused by being inside for the previous year and a half, but Rumors got a great response.”

A faded outro ends the song abrutly as in literally *mic drop*, transmiting the feeling of anger that evoques talking and thinking of someone who has done you wrong.

Besides their obvious skills in composing and playing music, they are aesthetically pleasing artists to watch perform, who know how to keep things elegant, classy and just plain great. 


For more, find their music on Spotify and Soundcloud. Visit their website or their profile in Bandcamp, and follow them on social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

Mercedes Thomas