Fish and Scale is a musical project by the German musician, Roland Wälzlein. “Rumi Says,” is his ninth track from the artist’s album, “You Can Call Me Love,” which was released in 2021. The single has a meditational vibe that works during the nearly six minutes to reach your inner-self and allow you to communicate with it. The intro sounds like a mystery has been shredded and a great truth is about to be revealed. The percussive elements give a dream-like mood, and what’s leading all smoothly are the sedative acoustic chords. While the single is progressing, the tempo picks up, and it gets more intense by adding the piano and drums that give an uplifting feeling. The vocals are sincere, touching, and powerful. His singing makes you blindly believe every word in the lyrics. The song contains few lines, yet it’s truly effective and needed to be heard with such a soulful, passionate voice. For the first few seconds, I didn’t get the idea of the music video, but then I realised how brilliant it was. I didn’t get it, I felt it! It felt like we were looking into each other’s eyes with silence falling around us, and I could hear him in my heart.

If you’ve been away from yourself recently and don’t know how to get back, “Rumi Says” will lead you down the right path.


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