The pop-punk vein runs viral on this latest release from Ryan Mitchell. Relatable for anyone who has been anywhere near a bad breakup, ‘Ruin My Life’ injects some life and beauty into this otherwise thankless situation.

Based in Los Angeles, Ryan Mitchell is a singer and songwriter who seems to specialize in taking cliches and making them fresh again. On his latest single, Ryan Mitchell masterfully spins his own vision on a number of cliche progressions, production tricks, and singing styles, for a result that’s paradoxically unlike anything we’ve heard before. It’s like a sound we’ve all heard before, but can never put our hands on the when or where.

Tasteful and crisp-sounding production permeates the song. From its soaring synths, lovely distorted lead guitar, to the impassioned deliveries from Mitchell that exude with presence, boasting impressive range as well. The composition has the peppy 4-chord loops we all know and love (and hate a bit), but they are never settled, making me believe that they are in fact 8-chord loops (Mitchell is upping the chords game, everyone). It also has a tiny turnaround section with a short lead guitar solo that’s classically inspired. Classy, unexpected, and most definitely precious.

The lyrics are simple and sad, which are exactly what breakups are if you think about it. And added to the snazzy, colorful production and fantastic performances, we have on our hands a pop punk anthem of sad that we can easily keep returning to for years to come. Ryan Mitchell is an artist with weighted sensibilities, and it is a name we should all be on the lookout for. He has all what it takes to boom into the mainstream, and so does ‘Ruin My Life’.