Get ready for the most expressive, energetic, electric guitar, which almost steals away the vocals’ main role. Fanchon’s music brings back the good old-school, classic rock vibes

Besides having a very original title, ‘rsm SMiLE’ is an Alt-Rock, Garage Rock kind of piece.

The loud, bold instruments versus the resonant sound of Fanchon’s voice makes you want to hit the pub with friends and reminisce about the pre-COVID times where rock concerts and gigs were safe and common.

The lyrics talk about someone who wants to break free, be themselves, without filter and unapologetically.

“My main intention in music is to be vulnerably honest and hopefully invite others to do so as well. I think life is about learning to make yourself laugh and to not take the dark stuff too seriously.” –says Fanchon.

Every level combined together makes a perfect piece for those who enjoy lusty music to feel the adrenaline running through their veins.

Although not their first work ever, ‘rsm SMiLE’ is the first song towards a grungier, powerful artistic expression for this UK-based artist, alongside her new bandmate Frazer.

“Having started working together when the live industry was on pause, we’ve accumulated so much material that we are excited to start gigging and testing out outside the current home studio set up.” –Fanchon says.

Compared to other previous works like ‘Bandaid’ and ‘Unravelling’, ‘rsm SMiLE’ is a complete 360-degree change that leaves us in awe waiting to see what will Fanchon deliver next.