Politically charged lyrics and angsty performances have always been a common ground between genres like metal, hardcore punk and rap. Based on that common ground, many collaborations happened between artists, and other bands played a fusion of those genres. “Los Inconformes” are one of the pioneers of this marriage of genres. Hailing from Puerto Rico, they pay respect to their Latin roots in their composition as well. In their single “RRRatas”, these guys don’t hold back on any element. The way the track began gave me the impression that it will pan out to be a run-of-the-mill hard rock track with hard-hitting drums and heavy guitar riffs. But I was surprised to find that the melodies have an odd structure, interrupted by trumpets and additional percussion that hones these guys’ skills and knowledge of a multitude of genres. It’s Ska, it’s hardcore, it’s Latino rap-rock and it’s every bit as angsty as crossover thrash from the late 80s. It felt at some point like I was listening to suicidal tendencies or Rage Against the Machine due to the energetic rapping on the verses. The composition is intricate and highly unique, and there are many different time signatures and moments where the percussion starts and stops. The wailing backing vocals and additional instruments make Los Inconformes sound like an extended musical ensemble rather than just a regular band, which sparked my interest to catch them on tour and see how many of these elements they bring into their setlist. The rhythm section are tight as hell; there is an interlude where only the drums and bass act as a vocal bridge with some vocal ad libs in the middle. This brings me to another point, which is the strength of the lead vocalist and his capabilities. I could talk for days about his level of breath control and his abilities to show distortion in many parts of his range which I’ve only heard metal artists do before. The track is filled to the brim with fine details that blur the lines between genres and based on that, I believe it will garner many fast and a ton of critical acclaim. The accompanying music video shows the band performing which captures their energy and the mastery they have over their instruments. I instantly fell in love with these guys, and so will you once you give this awesome single a listen.