Treating their fans with a follow-up to their debut album Distant Forest, Connor Kelly & The Time Warp Dropped their latest single Roy G. Biv on the 30th of June 2023. They managed to mix their influences with their unique touch, while the song is reflecting on staying true to your colours, Connor Kelly described Roy G. Biv as “This single is the starting gun for a new era of Connor Kelly & The Time Warp.” 

Let me tell you more about it.

Connor Kelly & The Time Wrap‘s Roy G. Biv opens with a cool fuzzy riff and a groovy beat, promising a dynamic grungy tune. Wasting no time, they take us into an open-sounding verse with fast-paced drumming, a deep baseline, and a warm vocal melody with a dominating delivery that makes you want to hear more of it as it builds up smoothly to a super catchy melodic chorus. Roy G. Biv has a smooth laid-back flow with fluid melodies and seamless dynamic progression, accompanied by an overall subtle psychedelic layer that provides a deep emotional side that shines bright in quieter, slower parts. 

Roy G. Biv shows Connor Kelly & The Time Warp unique writing and musicianship as they managed to create a hooking, entertaining piece with interesting shifts and an uncompromised mood, all with a solid structure with well-arranged instrumentation giving each element its time to shine and fully contribute to their sound. Looking forward to more from Connor Kelly & The Time Warp, keep on rocking. Cheers!