Relationships are complicated, and the dating stage may sound like the honeymoon phase, but it’s sticky more than it is sweaty! Why are things adrift? With its nostalgic, catchy flair, Drunken Logic’s “Rounding Up” asks the needed questions about this matter and offers valid reasons.

Jake Cassman, the gifted and versatile artist behind the musical project Drunken Logic, projects on the modern romance dilemmas and how toxic masculinity, stone-cold emotions, and objectifying the partner play a big role in the relationships. Illustrating that rather than building a long-term relationship, people just “Rounding Up”.

“Rounding Up” stands out because it portrays a serious problem while still sounding enjoyable and intriguing. The rhythm supports the message while the playful, explicit lyricism effectively draws out the theme. The instrumentation is lighthearted yet rocky. The song’s overall appeal is enhanced by the fusion of sounds, which pays homage to the 90s while nevertheless retaining a hint of pop and the spirit of futuristic rock.

The vocal line is balanced between being breezy, mean, and empathetic all at once. Hearing gentle, passionate tones at times, being confused and angry at other times, and being confident with all the answers at other times ideally make the song’s theme come to life.

“Rounding Up” is the kind of song that sounds very familiar yet like nothing you’ve heard before. In either case, you’ll enjoy its originality, kaleidoscopic vibe and luscious performance.