What I enjoyed best about Electric High and their most recent release, “Rough Diamond,” is that they have two lead singers. They felt like they were battling, but their voices were in perfect harmony, with some funky vibes. The contrast between the delicate and extremely enthusiastic voices is remarkable. The electric guitar meets the drums’ heavy-handed groove to create these dynamic rhythms.

“I’m gonna be a rough diamond, diamonds don’t rust in the rain. Just I’ll be a rough diamond, diamonds don’t crack when they fall.” As I previously stated, I may not have enjoyed the music at first, but listening intently to the lyrics, enjoying the wild rock tones, and it all came to a conclusion that my mind kept repeating those words unconsciously.

If you’re into heavy rock, you’ll find this single perfect. As the high voltage rock band mastered the ideal rock tune. If you’re not, at the very least you’ll enjoy feeling with them that you’re a “Rough Diamond”.

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Viola Karmy